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Specialised Professional Services

The remaining medical services offered by Welnext can be broadly clubbed under Specialised Professional Services. In other words, it includes everything that happens after the policy deploys.

Oftentimes, Welnext even arranges periodic medical tests to align with the policies of their corporate clients.

Tele Medical Evaluation

The main issue with regular medical check-ups is the hassle associated with them. Especially for salaried employees, it can be difficult to take a day off from work and visit the diagnostic centre to get the medical tests done.

To ease this process, Welnext has introduced Tele Medical Evaluation under its Post-Issuance Medical Service Offerings.

Accordingly, once the request comes through from the insurer, the Welnext team starts the process. It gets assigned to an MBBS physician and the appointment call is set up. The doctor completes the medical examination and submits the MER or Medical Examination Report to the insurer.

Taking it one step further, Welnext also uses APIs to review and analyse the report and submits it for review. At every step, the process has been optimised on the basis of the feedback received from users.

Video Medical Evaluation

The Video Medical Evaluation option has been introduced for the same reason as the Tele Medical Evaluation - to minimise effort and reduce time.

The call is set up by the Welnext team according to the customer’s convenience. The MBBS physician completes the medical examination over video call and compiles the report. The form is digitally completed and gets processed, while the video is retained in the online repository for the record.

Everything has been carefully designed with the customer in mind. From the scheduling to the actual consult to the report delivery - it is smooth and hassle-free. Here, too, Welnext makes use of APIs to provide an analysis of the MER before submitting the report to the insurer.

App-Based Software Interpretation

One of the main pain points that the medical services industry has to deal with is the lack of digital transformation.

Think about it. When you get a specialised test like an ECG or TMT, the convention is to take that test report to a cardiologist for interpretation. Only after the report is deciphered by a professional can you assess the condition and start the treatment.

The longer the time gap between testing and interpretation, the more the delay in starting the correct treatment. Welnext has tackled this problem head-on with an integrated mobile application that digitises the entire process.

No longer will customers have to make an appointment and visit the cardiologist; the professional recommendations are transmitted directly through the app.

Once the reports are uploaded into the app, it is sent to the network of cardiologists. Responses are received and updated on the app in minimal time, thus making it one of the most effective methods of obtaining doctor reviews of medical reports.