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Introducing WelNext

Welnext is the smartest way to sum up all the medical facilities that you need under one roof. It is a pioneer in providing pre-policy medical check-up that consists of a set of medical examinations which life insurance companies mandate before accepting and providing coverage to a potential policyholder. The range of services offered goes above and beyond pre-policy checks. Welnext also performs annual health checks, online doctor medical evaluations, report reviews and various other services meant for life and health insurers.

Welnext offers you a hackle-free, seamless experience in the rising health tech sector. A wide network of the finest and most trusted diagnostic centres, general practitioners, consultants, and hospitals across India is what you get within a few clicks.

Welnext has revolutionised the game for life insurance companies as well. By offering end-to-end fulfilment services, it ensures that policies are processed in a very fast time and network of centres spread across the length and breadth of the country.

To deliver exceptional and comprehensive care to patients by aggregating various care providers across the care continuum in a measurable way. To create and grow a network of healthcare professionals across the world to bring convenience and simplification of the health care industry through technology and innovation.

To transform the healthcare ecosystem for better health outcomes – Anytime, Anywhere. To provide hygienic, standardized and consistently improving medical services through technologically advanced systems that increase automation, improve quality of output, helping in superior customer experience.

Market Scenario

The healthcare market in India has been growing for years now. Backed by an increasing population, an improving standard of living and rising income levels, it is expected to reach US $372 billion by 2022.

To bring some kind of relativity to this figure, the FMCG market in India $220 billion in 2025.The sheer opportunity that the healthcare services industry presents is undeniable. The government of India has committed to a credit incentive program worth Rs 500 billion to improve and bolster the healthcare infrastructure in the country. This means more doctors, more hospitals, and more diagnostic centres all over India.

The government will also be increasing the spending on healthcare to 3% of the GDP by 2022. Last year, India’s GDP was US $3.173 trillion. The estimation for 2022 is US $3.469 trillion. That means, the Govt’s contribution comes up to US $104 billion!.

All these factors point to one common conclusion - the healthcare services industry in India is poised for steady growth. It is matched by the rising demand for insurance and good healthcare facilities. Young salaried Indians are more aware of the dangers of lifestyle diseases and they are willing to invest in insurance coverage to prevent them. In other words, a lot of opportunities for growth present themselves for Welnext.



Our commitments are accountable for our work and take full responsibility for our actions.


Our processes and communications with all our stakeholders will be driven by utmost trust, transparency and integrity.

Patient Centered

Our priority is to strive for high patient satisfaction and embrace theirs needs and challenges.


Our solutions will be excellent, innovative and accurate to achieve goals.


Our consultations and treatment will reflect our belief in compassionate healthcare delivery.

How are we Different?

Any growing industry in India has one thing in common - it has a lot of competition. That is actually a good thing because healthy competition leads to more and more innovation and faster growth. There is also the fact that one needs to develop a very clear competitive advantage that provides an edge over the competitors. Otherwise, you will not be able to grow. With an ultimately simplified model, Welnext is the cutting edge of tomorrow’s healthcare in India.

These are the ways Welnext has stepped ahead of other solutions available in current times.

  • Welnext is one single platform with complete healthcare options readily available at your service. With Welnext, everything is automated. Test reports get sent directly to insurance service providers and your policy gets processed superfast.
  • We have worked with many large clients over the years, and have solid experience in the healthcare services and insurance industry. Having in-depth knowledge and understanding of the insurance process makes the task easier, more convenient and more trustworthy. We have optimised the process on every different level, to ensure the best experience for you.
  • With AI-enabled, Welnext ensures efficient, cost-effective and enhanced customer delivery. Having a solid tech backbone is paramount for innovation, Welnext has a tech-heavy platform that utilised the powers of AI and OCR to digitise medical reports and review them. Everything is available on one platform & transparent for ease of access.
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  • Welnext has the best in class turnaround time & quality metrics along with state of art technology. It is through the strategic use of technology and AI that Welnext has been able to cut down on processing times. In the age of manual handling, such TATs would be unheard of! Faster processing leads to faster policy disbursal.
  • Welnext takes extreme control of the management of fraud and measures to curb the fraudulent activity. Bad reviews can wreak havoc on the reputation of a company, especially in the service sector. Welnext has always put the customer first. We formed the company with the vision of providing easy access to healthcare services.
  • An online repository of reports assisted with the on-call doctor consultations makes Welnext the ultimate health platform. Because everything happens on the same platform, all your reports and doctor recommendations are saved in an online repository. This means, everything will be available for access on the same platform.

“What ultimately sets Welnext apart from its competitors is our vision. Formed with the intention of creating one of the finest and largest virtual hospital networks. Creating a robust ecosystem which can support and sustain the growth of all the involved partners. It is only when all the involved parties are working together in harmony that we can have synergy.”

Meet the Team

Jatin Doultani MD & Founder
Srijith Nair Co-founder and Director
Nagendra K V CHRO
Vijaya NeneAdvisor to Board and Management
Munish Bhatia CTO
Jyothi M Deputy Vice President
Suresh LukoseSenior Vice President
Sunil Babaji PawarDeputy Vice President
Saurabh VermaAssistant Vice President