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Group Client Support

With larger corporate clients, additional services are provided on a customisable basis. The intention is to provide a smooth and seamless fulfilment of any medical testing obligation.

Annual Health Check-Up

Many a time, corporate policies require employees to have periodic medical checks. It usually manifests in the form of an annual health check. Depending on the requirements, Welnext arranges these medical tests using its intensive network of diagnostic centres.

Whether the requirement is to check for specific illnesses or to assess overall body health, Welnext can provide. The network of diagnostic centres includes Welnext can offer a range of options like home sample collections or visits to the nearest centres.

It is an inclusive service that can be customised depending on the client's requirements.

Onsite Medical Officer Services

Based on the requirements, Welnext even assists with part-time or full-time medical staff on the premises. It could be an onsite Chief Medical Officer. It could even be a nurses' station. Here too, Welnext proves that the customer comes first. It does not matter whether the customer is an individual policyholder or an insurance company. We are committed to providing the best experience to all our customers, and we stick to that promise. Whatever the need of the hour maybe, even if it is staffing, the Welnext team provides a solution.

It is not enough to simply provide medical testing services. It is more about creating an ecosystem where one can take charge of their medical liabilities with ease and manage the pre-policy requirements online. It is about creating a system that optimises the use of tech in medical testing.