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The Future of Healthtech brands in India

  • Posted By : Admin
  • Posted On : 10/03/21   07:08AM

Indian healthcare is one of the country’s largest sectors. In most parts of India, getting access to good healthcare still remains a difficulty. Despite the fact that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the previous decade, the majority of hospitals, doctors, and pharmacists still choose to operate from tier 1 cities/metros. In this context, healthtech startups are a potential business idea. Many healthtech businesses have attempted to reduce the gap by making healthcare services available throughout the country and to a larger extent, they have succeeded.

Health tech can be considered as an ever evolving and most significant field for mankind. The pandemic was a goldmine of such opportunities, the number of healthcare and health tech startups skyrocketed in the past year. The outbreak has triggered several to be indoors.

The healthtech in India is witnessing exponential growth, especially for the past two years now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Be it online video consultation, ordering medicines online, managing chronic conditions, digital wellness health or diagnostic services, start-ups are using technology to cater to consumers from the comfort of their homes.