Benefits of Corporate Wellness

As workplace wellness programs are becoming more widespread throughout the country, the buzz is catching on. The bottom line of such programs is: healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive with less leaves. These programs range from simply offering Annual Health checks to employees, providing preventive care information, fitness education, and a company gym. Employees are the most valuable assets to any company. Here is why workplace wellness programs should matter to you.

Benefits to Employee are as follows:

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Health care service provider for corporate sectors

Customer satisfaction is the most important parameter for judging the quality of service being provided by a service provider to the customer. Positive feedback from the customer leads to the goodwill of service providers in the market, which indirectly expands their business, whereas negative feedback makes it shrink. This theory is also applicable to health care providers. Nowadays, patients are aware of their rights in terms of health care services and the quality of health care services being delivered to them.

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Prevention is better than Cure, But what is Preventive Healthcare?

Preventive health is a process of keeping your body healthy and happy, BEFORE something bad happens to it. Keeping a regular tab on your diet, relationships, exercise and lifestyle will help prevent illness and being unwell. You can maintain a balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health. Preventive health is the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health.

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Benefits of Employee Health & Corporate Wellness Programs

Investing in a corporate wellness programme can affect many factors that in turn may push the ROI of an organisation in the right direction. Access to basic healthcare, increase in the general health of employees, &a positive work environment can all have a positive impact on productivity.

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Preventive Healthcare and the Big City Life

A recent article in the TOI reported on how people in urban India have increasingly become more prone to illnesses compared to their rural counterparts. The burgeoning of clinics, test centres, wellness centres and an increase in conversations about lack of a fitness regime for most of the urban population and lifestyle dangers are all an indications of this trend.

Bad Diet among Other Factors Increases Risk

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Preventive Healthcare: The Role of Digital Solutions in Ensuring a Wider & More Effective Reach

β€œAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ― Benjamin Franklin

The area of intersection in the Venn diagram of healthcare and technology is increasing all the time. This is happening at every segment of the healthcare supply chain. The growing demand for better quality healthcare driven by consumers who are increasingly more aware of potential risks, basic medical knowledge, and the available options in health care is the simple reason for this convergence.

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Welnext : Health is Wealth, and It's Online Now!

Aggregating, comparing and booking diagnostic packages, is a tedious effort. Streamlining the process makes for prices to become transparent, and adds to the convenience of consumers. Accessing healthcare inside a hospital or a diagnostic centre is a cumbersome enough; having to narrow down from available choices makes things more difficult.

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