About Us

About Us

Getting well and staying well

It sounds simple enough.

Yet why is being healthy so difficult?

When we are healthy, we take it for granted. When we are unwell, it takes enormous, unplanned time and money to get better.

Our experience in the healthcare industry was illuminating. Every day we would see the same problems: shocking bills threw people’s lives into chaos, unaccountable providers gave stunningly poor service, and finding quality care was a murky process.

No wonder people have trouble getting well and staying well, the system is a mess! Again and again we witnessed the same problems: unexpected costs, poor treatment, confusing schemes… and unhappy, unhealthy people wanting to be well.

The customer was lost without a map or a guide, and every step was costly.

So, we set out to change the way the world thinks about care, by putting YOU and your health as the number 1 priority.

Our vision is to find the very best healthcare & wellness centres and provide complete care packages with transparent pricing, to help people make clear choices to get well and stay well.

For any kind of care, from medical and dental to ayurvedic and alternative medicine, everyone needs quality practitioners. So we continually scour the country selecting only the best, most reliable providers. After an exhaustive approval process, they become partners.

We tailor packages with our partners to offer you top-notch care with completely transparent pricing, so nobody ever gets sticker shock. Crystal-clear choices mean getting well is easy and predictable, guaranteed!

Packaged care removes all headaches - simply walk in, get complete treatment, and walk out. No surprises or hidden costs! Even large procedures or surgery packages can be paid in advance, predictably planned.

Now you can instantly find excellent care in complete packages with a click. Our online portal lets you locate the best care for your area, time, budget and life! Unbiased information, easily searchable, and focused on helping people get well, is a click away.

Feel better than ever before, and know that we are working around the clock to make it easier for you, and everyone, to get well and stay well.


Next Generation Wellness

Address: #65/8, Third Floor, H.S.R Layout

Agara Circle, Sarjapura Outer Ring Road. Bangalore - 560 102

Email id: info@welnext.com

P.S :If you share our passion for helping people easily find the best care at guaranteed prices, then maybe you would like to join our team